From Kiev to the Golden Ring of Uzbekistan

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Description: Historical tour from Kiev to the legendary land of ancient Asia - Sogdiana, Khorezm, Shash and Bactria. A fascinating journey through the ancient cities of the East - Samarkand, Bukhara, Shahrisabz, Khiva, Tashkent and Termez. Visiting ancient forts, historical sites and masterpieces of medieval architecture.

Route: Samarkand-Bukhara-Shakhrisabz-Termez-Tashkent-Khiva-Tashkent

Day 1, Monday: Kiev-Samarkand (flight, "Aerosvit" flight VV495)

07:30 - Arrival in Samarkand.

Transfer to the hotel. Placing.




After lunch, start sightseeing "Shining face of the Earth" - the ancient Samarkand, heart of ancient Sogdiana: History Museum at the ancient city Afrasiab (VIII BC); Mausoleum Doniyor Paygambar (St.Daniel) (XIV, XX c. ), revered by both Muslims and Christians and Jews; Ulugbek Observatory - the pride of Ulugbek, ruler and a great scholar, a grandson of formidable Tamerlane. Here was made famous star catalog "Ziji Kuragoni"; Mausoleum complex Shahi-Zinda (XI-XV centuries.) – Necropolis, consisting of more than 20 unique mausoleums of different times of construction. Shahi Zinda - a whole street of the medieval town, which is preserved to this day, where lies the oldest buildings in Samarkand.

Free time.

Dinner at the National House.

Master class in cooking pilaf with chefs - instructors.


Day 2, Wednesday: Samarkand-Bukhara (270 km, car /van / coach)

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast we continued sightseeing in Samarkand: Registan Square: Ulugbek Madrasah (XIV c.), Sherdor Madrassah (XVII c.) and Tilla Kori Madrassah (XVII c.) - a masterpiece of medieval architecture and the main symbol of Samarkand; Gur-Emir Mausoleum (XIV- XV c.) - Timurids dynasty tomb; Bibi Honim Cathedral Mosque (XIV c.), built in honor of beloved wife of Timur.

Beside to this mosque is located the oldest Siab Bazaar, the traditional "eastern" market in Samarkand. Has retained its unforgettable color and atmosphere, surprises tourists with its colorful and variety of products and goods.


After lunch - transfer to Bukhara.

On the way to Bukhara - Visit pottery workshop at Gizhduvan.

Arrival in Bukhara.

Accommodation at the hotel. Rest.



Day 3, Monday: Bukhara

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast – start sightseeing, during which you are familiar with the many amazing historical sites of the "Holy Bukhara": Ark Fortress (VII-XIX c.) - the main residence of the emirs of Bukhara; Samanids Mausoleum (X c.) - Samanids dynasty tomb, pearl of Bukhara and a masterpiece of world architecture; the mausoleum Chashmai Ayub (Job's Spring, XIV c.); Poi Kalon Square: Minaret Kalon (XII c.) - the highest in Central Asia, Mir Arab madrassah (XVI c.), Kalon Mosque (XV c.). Walk through the medieval Trading dome - Toki Zargaron (Jewelry Bazar), Toki Sarrafon (Dome moneychangers), Toki-Telpak-Furushon (Bazaar of Hat sellers) (XV-XVI c.).

Lunch at the tea house "Labi Hauz".

After lunch - continued sightseeing: Labi Hauz (XVI-XVII centuries.) - an architectural complex, consist of ancient pond surrounded by three buildings Kukeldash Madrassah, Nodir Divan-begi Madrassah and Khanaka - shelter for “dervishes” (wandering monks); Magoki Attori (IX-XVI c.) - the oldest mosque in Bukhara, the only one that survived the invasion of Genghis Khan. There is evidence that prior to the XVII c., here together with Muslims also Jews prayed; Chor-Minor (XIX c.) - a unique madrasah with four dissimilar minarets; Country palace of Bukhara emirs Sitorai Mohi Hossa (XIX - XX c.).

Free time. Evening Bukhara.



Day 4, Monday: Bukhara-Shakhrisabz-Termez (565 km, car/van/coach)

Early breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, you have an exciting journey through the sultry Karshi steppe, blooming Kashka Darya valley, to the homeland of Amir Timur (Tamerlane) – Shahrisabz ("Green city"), and further to the south, through the mountain passes of the Hissar range to Termez - the place of origin and development of the ancient Bactrian civilization.

On arrival in Shakhrisabz - acquaintance with historical monuments: Ak-Saray (XIV-XV c.) - a ruins of grandiose palaceof Temur; Complex Dor-us Saodat ("Place of power ") (XIV-XVI c.), where is located the tomb of Temur's sons - Jahangir and Umar; Complex Dor-us Tilovat ("Place of reflection and contemplation") (XIV c.) - the mausoleum of Timur's spiritual mentor - Sheikh Shamseddin Kulol and where also buried Timur’s father - Amir Taragai; Gumbazi Saiydon (XV c.) - mausoleum (makbarat) of Ulugbek’s descendants; Cathedral mosque Kuk Gumbaz (XV c.).


Afte lunch - departure to Termez.

Arrival in Termez.

Accommodation at the hotel. Rest.

Free time.

Dinner in a traditional restaurant.


Day 5, Saturday: Termez-Tashkent (flight, HY)

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, we take a sightseeing of the ancient Termez.

Termez - one of the oldest cities in the world, which, thanks to its key position on the Silk Road, played an important role in the dissemination and synthesis of various civilizations and cultures - Zoroastrian, Hellenistic, Buddhist and Muslim.

First of all, we will visit the Archaeological Museum, where you can become better acquainted with the ancient history of this region.

Then we drive to the ruins of Old Termez (IX-XII c.); visit the Mausoleum of Hakim at-Termezi (XII-XV c.); Sultan Saodat Mausoleum (XIII-XIV c.) and Kirk-Kiz Nunnery (VI-XI c.).


After lunch - continued trips: the Buddhist monuments of Termez: Fayaztepa monastery (I-III c.); Stupa Zurmala (III c.).


19:30 - Transfer to the airport.

21:10 - Departure to Tashkent by HY-1158.

22:50 - Arrival in Tashkent.

Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.


Day 6, Sunday: Tashkent


After breakfast sightseeing of the capital of Uzbekistan, during which you will learn about the historical monuments of Tashkent - Hazrati Imam Complex: Barak-Khan Madrasah (XVI, XIX c.), Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (XV c.), Mui-Mubarak Madrasah (XIX c. ), which houses the oldest Koran, written in VII c.; Juma (Friday) Mosque Hodge Ahror Wali (XV c.); Kukeldash Madrassah (XVI c.).


Continuation of sightseeing: Museum of Applied Arts; "In Memory of the Victims of Repression" - Memorial and Museum; Monument of Courage - the epicenter of Tashkent earthquake in 1966.

Free time.



Day 7, Monday: Tashkent-Khiva-Tashkent (flight, HY)

05:00 - Early breakfast at the hotel.

05:30 - Transfer to the airport.

07:00 - Departure to Urgench by flight HY-1051.

08:40 - Arrival in Urgench.

Transfer to Khiva (30 km, car/van/coach).

On arrival in Khiva - start sightseeing of Khiva - "Open Air Museum". You will walk to the Ichan-Kala Fortress (VIII-XIX c.), where during a walking tour can visit the Mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmoud (XVIII-XIX c.) - The main cultic center of Ichan-Kala. The mausoleum was built in honor of the patron saint of Khiva, poet, philosopher, physician and professional wrestler Pahlavan Mahmoud; Tash Hawli (XIX c.) - Khan Palace with a Throne and Court rooms, and a Harem; Juma Mosque and Minaret (XII-XX c.) - support the roof of the mosque 212 carved columns, due to the unique construction of this is the coolest place in Khiva, with perfect acoustics, minaret - 32, 5 m.


After lunch - Continuation of sightseeing: Minaret and Mosque of Islam Khodja (XX c.) - The highest minaret (57 m with the foundation), and the smallest madrassah in Khiva; Abdullah Khan Madrassah (XIX c.); Said Alauddin mausoleum (XIV c.); Madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan (XIX c.) - the largest medieval Madrasah at Khiva; Kalta Minor Minaret (XIX c.) - thought to be the highest minaret in the Muslim world, the height of which was to reach 70 meters, but was not completed at the height of 26 m; Citadel Kunya Ark (XIX c.) - inner fortress with administrative buildings, powder workshop, the Court and mosque.

After the sightseeing - transfer to Urgench.

18:30 - Dinner.

19:30 - Transfer to the airport.

21:00 - Departure to Tashkent by flight HY-1058.

22:20 - Arrival in Tashkent.

Transfer to the hotel.


Day 8, Tuesday: Tashkent Kiev (flight, HY)

Breakfast at hotel.

Sightseeing tour of modern Tashkent: squares, palaces and parks of Tashkent, Tashkent TV tower, walk at the main square - the Independence Square (Independence).

Free time in Tashkent.

15:00 - Transfer to the airport.

18:20 - Departure to Kiev flight HY-741.

Tour price: on request.


The price included:

1. All transfers by comfortable transport;

2. Meetings / seeing at the airport;

3. Accommodation at hotels in double/twin standard room;

4. Meals - breakfast only;

5. Excursions during the trip with professional guides;

6. Entrance fees to all sites included in the program;

7. Accompanying guide;

8. Visa support for visa to Uzbekistan.

The price does not include:

1. International airfares;

2. Domestic flights Termez-Tashkent and Tashkent-Urgench-Tashkent;

3. Additional payment for single accommodation;

4. Travel insurance;

5. Additional services not included in the program;

6. Meals - full board;

7. Musical and folkloric show-program;

8. Tips to local staff;

9. The fee for additional services in the hotels;

10. The fee for a photo / video shoot on historical sites. 

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