Welcome from the ancient Samarkand - City of blue domes!

We invite you to take a fascinating journey through the ancient land of Uzbekistan, one of more than 30 specially designed tourist routes. Programs offered by many of our tours include items of every imaginable kind of travel - sightseeing, historical, archaeological, cultural, cognitive, pilgrimages, ethnographic, recreation and adventure. Thus, you will be able not only to enjoy the rich history of our region and to see the masterpieces of medieval architecture, but also to get acquainted with the ancient and unique culture of the peoples of Uzbekistan and the secrets of traditional crafts, see and even to participate in the manufacture of ceramics, carpets handmade silk paper, national embroidery, gold embroidery products.

Lovers of exotic adventures and have an opportunity to perform on foot, horseback and camel crossings, staying at a national homes and yurts to rest on the banks of mountain streams and at the foot of the falls.

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