On the trail of ancient empires

Duration:  9 days / 8 nights

Description: A fascinating historical, cultural and educational tour with a rich excursion program to the ancient land of Bactria and Sogdiana - centers of the great empires of antiquity - Kushan and the Timurids. Visiting ancient forts, archeological excavations, historical sites and masterpieces of medieval architecture, and also recreation in the picturesque mountains.

Route: Tashkent - Termez – Jarkurgan - Dalverzin – Denau – Sangardak – Termez – Hujaikon - Shakhrisabz – Urgut - Samarkand - Tashkent

Day 1: Tashkent

Arrival at Tashkent airport.

Transfer to hotel accommodation.



Day 2: Tashkent-Termez (flight, HY)

Early breakfast.

Transfer to the airport for flight to Termez.

Arrival, transfer to hotel and accommodation.


After lunch, you will start sightseeing of ancient Termez.

Termez - one of the oldest cities in the world, which, thanks to its key value on the Silk Road, played an important role in the dissemination and synthesis of various civilizations and cultures - Zoroastrian, Hellenistic, Buddhist, Muslim.

First of all, we will visit the Archaeological Museum, where you can become better acquainted the ancient history of this region. Then we drive to the ruins of Old Termez (IX-XII c.), visit the Mausoleum of Al-Hakim Termezi (XII-XV c.); Sultan Saodat Mausoleum (XIII-XIV c.) and Kirk-Kiz Nunnery (VI-XI c.).

After the sightseeing you have free time.

Dinner at a restaurant with colorful folklore program.


Day 3: Termez-Jarkurgan-Dalverzin-Denau (130 km, car/van/coach)

After breakfast, we continue acquaintance with the monuments of the Kushan Empire.

First we will visit the Buddhist monuments of Termez: Fayaztepa monastery (I-III c.); Stupa Zurmala (III c.).

After this part of the program, we will go on a tour to the ancient capital of the Kushan Empire - Dalvarzintepa.

Our route passes through the picturesque valley of the Surkhandarya River. On the way we will stop at Jarkurgan and visiting the monument of medieval architecture - Jarkurgan minaret (XII c.).

Then we visit a National home and sharing traditional food of Surkhandarya - "Tandoor-kebab" - lamb roasted in a special oven - "tandoor".


After lunch we continue the way and arriving at the village Dalvarzin, we will explore the archaeological excavations of the ancient city Dalvarzintepa (I c.). Once it was the capital of the Kushan Empire. During the archaeological excavations discovered a large wealthy city with many temples and ancient statues and the famous Gold treasure, weighing 36 kg.

After the tour, we will continue our way to Denau.

On arrival - visiting to the monument of medieval architecture - Said Otalik Madrasah (XVI c.).

Then, transfer and accommodation at the hotel.

After a rest - dinner in a traditional restaurant.


Day 4: Denau-Sangardak-Termez (210 km, car/van/coach)

After breakfast we will go on an exciting trip to the mountain gorge Sangardak.

End point of trip - Sangardak waterfall. Sangardak waterfall attracts travelers the coolness in the summer heat and pristine wild nature around him. At the foot of the waterfall, in a beautiful mountain valley you can perfect to relax. Fresh mountain air, crystal clear water of a mountain stream, the breathtaking landscapes .....

Picnic on the river bank.

After a rest, we go way back to Termez.

Arrival in Termez.

Free time.



Day 5: Termez-Hujaikon-Shahrisabz (400 km, car/van/coach)

Early breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast we will have a fascinating trip through the arid steppes, sands, rocky mountains and passes of Kuhitang mountain and Hissar range to homeland of Amir Temur - Shakhrisabz

Leaving from Termez and going on the road along the Amu Darya River, stopping at Muzrabad district and a look at the archaeological site - ancient city Kampyrtepa (III c. BC - II c. AD). Research has shown that there was a large port city of the Hellenistic period and the Kushan Empire. Kampyrtepa included in the list of cultural monuments protected by UNESCO.

Then we head to the Kuhitang mountains and visit unique for its health properties Huzhaikon salt cave.

The microclimate of the cave, which is created by growths of salt and air environment with high saturation chloride aerosol and air ions and have a healing effect in bronchitis, asthma, chronic pneumonia, allergic rhinitis, pollinosis and dermatitis.

Next, we will continue our journey towards Shakhrisabz.

On the way - lunch in a traditional tea house.

In the afternoon, breaking the picturesque passes of the Hissar range, we go down to the Kashkadarya valley and arrive in Shahrisabz.

On arrival in Shakhrisabz accommodation at hotel.



Day 6: Shakhrisabz-Urgut-Samarkand (130 km, car/van/coach)

Breakfast at the hotel.

After the breakfast we will explore the historical monuments Shakhrisabz: Ak-Saray (XIV-XV c.) - the ruins of a grandiose palace of Timur; Complex Dor-us Saodat  (The Place of power, XIV-XVI c.) – the tomb of Tamerlane sons - Jahangir and Umar; Complex Dor-ut Tilovat (The Place of reflections, XIV c.) - mausoleum of Timur’s spiritual mentor - Sheikh Shamseddin Kulol, where also was buried Tamerlane father - Amir Taragai; Gumbazi Sayidon (XV c.) - mausoleum of Ulugbek descendants; cathedral Mosque Kuk Gumbaz (XV c.).

Then we hit the road and, breaking Takhtakaracha pass, went to the old city Urgut, located at the foot of the Zeravshan Range, where we will visit the unique millennial Chinar (Plane) grove. Urgut is also of great interest to tourists as a major center for traditional crafts.

Lunch in Urgut.

Then continue your journey in an hour we arrive in Samarkand.

On arrival – start sightseeing of "Shining face of the Earth" - the ancient Samarkand, the capital of the Timurids Empire.

During the sightseeing you will visit: Ulugbek observatory (XIV-XV c.) - the pride of Ulugbek, ruler and a great scientist, a grandson of Timur; Mausoleum Doniyor Paygambar (St.Daniel) (XIV, XX c.), revered by both Muslims and Christians and Jews; History Museum in the ancient city of Afrasiab (VIII c. BC); Mausoleum complex Shahi-Zinda (XI-XV c.) – necropolis, consisting of more than 20 unique mausoleums of different times of construction. Shahi Zinda - a whole street of the medieval town, which is preserved to this day, where lies the oldest buildings in Samarkand.

After the sightseeing - transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

Free time.

Dinner at a traditional restaurant.


Day 7: Samarkand-Tashkent (355 km, train)

After breakfast - continued excursion in Samarkand, during which you will visit the Gur-Emir Mausoleum (XIV-XV c.) - dynastic tomb of Timurids; a masterpiece of medieval architecture and the main symbol of Samarkand - Registan Square: Ulugbek Madrasah (XV c.), Sherdor Madrassah (XVII c.) and Tilla Kori Madrassah (XVII c.); Bibi Honim Mosque (XIV c.), built in honor of his beloved wife of Temur.

Beside to this mosque is the largest and oldest town market - Siab bazaar, where you will be able to know what the real orient bazaar. Market maintained its unforgettable color and atmosphere, surprising tourists with its colorful, variety of products and goods.

Lunch at the National House.

After lunch - free time.

Transfer to the train station.

Departure to Tashkent for a high-speed train "Afrasiab."

Arrival in Tashkent.

Transfer and accommodation at the hotel.



Day 8: Tashkent

After breakfast at the hotel you will start sightseeing of Tashkent - the capital of Uzbekistan, during which you will walk along the Mustaqillik ("Independence") Square. Also, you will get acquainted with the historical monuments of Tashkent: Hazrati Imam Complex - Barak-Khan Madrasah (XVI, XIX c.), Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (XV c.), Mui-Mubarak Madrasah (XIX c.), which houses the oldest Koran, written in VII.


After the end of the excursion program you have free time to more explore the city.

Evening - a farewell dinner.


Day 9: Tashkent


Transfer to the airport.

Departure from Tashkent.

Tour price: on request    


The price included:

1. All transfers by comfortable transport;

2. Meetings / seeing at the airport;

3. Overnight at hotels in the double standard rooms;

4. Meals - half board;

5. Excursions during the trip with professional guides;

6. Entrance fees to all sites included in the program;

7. Accompanying guide;

8. Visa support for visa to Uzbekistan.

The price does not include:

1. International airfares;

2. Local flight Tashkent-Termez;

3. Additional payment for single accommodation;

4. Additional services not included in the program;

5. Meals - full board;

6. Tips to local staff;

7. The fee for additional services in the hotels;

8. The fee for a photo / video shoot on historical sites.

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