Gourmet tour St. Petersburg-Bukhara-Samarkand, for gourmets!

They say that it is better to know a person must eat a peck of salt with him. To become better acquainted with traditions and culture of the people, to taste national dishes.

Uzbek national cuisine has a long history and reflects the uniqueness of the customs and traditions of the people. Its formation has benefited from new crops, which penetrated from the countries associated with the Great Silk Road. A local rulers often brought the best chefs of the conquered lands.

The seasons, specifically winter and summer, greatly influence the composition of the basic menu. In the summer, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are ubiquitous. Fruits grow in abundance in Uzbekistan - grapes, melons, apricots, pears, apples, cherries, pomegranates, lemons, figs, dates. Vegetables are no less plentiful, including some lesser known species such as green radishes, yellow carrots, pumpkin and squash, in addition to the usual eggplants, peppers, turnips, cucumbers and luscious tomatoes.

The most popular dishes of Uzbek cuisine are-varieties of Plov, Manti (steamed pastry dishes such large ravioli filled with meat or sweet pumpkin), Lagman (thick noodles with sauce), Manpar (thinly sliced ​​noodles with meat and broth), Samsa (pies of flaky pastry with minced meat).

Uzbek dishes is very diverse, and having been in Uzbekistan, you will be able to fully enjoy their delicious taste!

Day 1, Saturday-Sunday: St. Petersburg - Bukhara (Air, HY)

Saturday, 00:30 - Departure to Bukhara flight HY-642.

Sunday, 06:30 - Arrival in Bukhara.

Meeting at the airport with the Uzbek national orchestra (karnay, surnay) and girls in national costumes.

Transfer to hotel accommodation and leisure.

10:00 - Sightseeing in Bukhara:

Ark fortress (III BC – XIX AD) - the oldest monument in Bukhara - the citadel and main residence of Bukhara rulers. Ark of archaeological data refer to the IV BC;

Mausoleum of Samanids (IX-X) - the pearl of medieval Bukhara and Central Asian architecture, Samanid dynasty tomb, built entirely of brick, with a unique geometric design of masonry;

Labi-Hauz ("coast of the pond") - the architectural complex, which surrounds one of the few surviving ponds - "Hauz" in Bukhara. Consists of three monumental buildings: Kukeldash Madrassah - the largest in the city and two other religious buildings constructed Nadir Divan-Begi: Khanaka and Madrasah (XVI-XVII);

Complex Poi Kalon (XII-XVI centuries.) - the architectural ensemble in the center of Old Bukhara - includes the Cathedral mosque Kalon, Mir-i Arab Madrasah and the highest minaret (46 meters) in Central Asia - Minorai Kalon.

Lunch in a traditional tea house Bukhara "Labi Hauz".

Menu: famous dish of Bukhara "Nowruz Kebab" and Samsa.

Continue sightseeing.

Tim of Ablulla Khan (XVI) – the great market buildings of the Medieval Bukhara, over the centuries, here traded fabrics and carpets, and today this tradition has not changed.

Medieval Trade domes (XVI), consist of three shopping centers:  Toki Zargaron - the bazaars of jewelers, Toki Telpak Furushon – Bazaar of hats merchants, Toki Sarrafon – the market of money changers, medieval Currency Exchange, one of the oldest exchange markets of the East.

Tea in the national center for the preparation of various types of "halva" and tea with spices.

Dinner with folklore show in madrassas "Nadir Divan Begi."

Main course: "Manti".

Day 2, Monday: Bukhara - Samarkand (train, 280 km)

05:30-06:30 - Early breakfast at the hotel.

07:00 - Transfer to the train station.

08:05 - Departure to Samarkand by express train "Sharq".

11:10 - Arrival in Samarkand.

11:30 - Getting a tour of the main sights of the city:

Gur-Emir Mausoleum (XV c.) - Tomb of Tamerlane. Masterpiece of Central Asian architecture with an unforgettable blue dome. Occupies an important place in the history of world architecture.

12:00 - Transfer to the hotel. Placing.

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch in the restaurant or in the national house.

Main course: "Barak" (dumplings).

14:00 - Departure to the craft center "Meros".

The group is divided into sub-groups and participants can make their own products, with the help of experienced craftsmen:

- Fabrication of the national dishes - bowls or spit on the wheel;

- Painting fabric with natural dyes;

- Making silk Samarkand paper;

- Embroidery with gold thread (gold embroidery);

- Production of the Uzbek national dolls;

- Ceramics;

- Drawing on paper miniatures.

16:30 - Tea with oriental sweets fabulous Samarkand.

17:00 - Return to the hotel. Rest.

19:00 - Dinner at the National House.

"Celebration of Uzbek plov" - cooking pilaf guests. Master Class. Folk music program.

Return to the hotel.


Day 3, Tuesday. Samarkand

07:00 - 09:00 - Breakfast at the hotel.

09:30 - 13:00 - Sightseeing in Samarkand :

Registan Square: Ulugbek Madrasah (XIV c.), Sherdor Madrassah (XVII c.) and Tilla Kori (XVII c.) - A masterpiece of medieval architecture and the main symbol of Samarkand;

The gigantic cathedral Mosque Bibi Khanum (XIV c.) - The largest mosque of the time, built in honor of his beloved wife of Timur.

Beside to this mosque is the oldest  Siab bazaar, walking along that you fully know what a real oriental market. 

Market maintained its unforgettable color and atmosphere, surprising tourists with its colorful, variety of products and goods. Here you can taste and buy the famous Samarkand bread, oriental sweets, spices, fresh fruits, nuts and dried fruits.

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch in a traditional restaurant.

Main dishes: Shurpa and kebabs.

14:30 - Continuation of excursion:

Shahi Zinda mausoleum (XI-XV c.) - Necropolis, "City of the Dead." The complex, consisting of more than 20 unique buildings of different times of construction. This is a whole street where preserved old buildings of the city. Is an important place of pilgrimage.

16:30 - Return to the hotel. Rest.

Free time.

19:30 - Gala Dinner posh restaurant "Samarkand" / "Afrasiab" / "Almaz" / "Sangizar" from the musical show program.

Main dish: "Roast lamb on a spit"

The program includes dinner: show oriental costumes, dance program, "belly dance" and music of all generations with DJ.

After dinner - a return to the hotel.


Day 4, Wednesday: Samarkand - St. Petersburg (air, HY)

07:00-08:00 - Breakfast at the hotel.

08:00 - Transfer to the airport.

10:45 - Departure to St. Petersburg flight HY-639.

Tour price: on request

The price included:

1. All transfers by comfortable transport;

2. Meeting / seeing at the airport;

3. Overnight in double standard rooms;

4. Food - half board (HB);

5. Excursions during the trip with professional guides;

6. Entrance fees to all sites included in the program;

7. Accompanying guide;

8. Visa support for visa to Uzbekistan.


The price does not include:

1. International airfares;

2. Additional services not included in the program;

3. Food - full board;

4. Tips to local staff;

5. The fee for additional services in the hotels;

6. The fee for a photo / video shoot on historical sites.

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