Incentive tours, corporate events, team building

Unique opportunities in Uzbekistan, where ancient history and culture, as embodied in the legendary cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Termez, Tashkent, in harmony with modern civilization and create opportunities for the organization of the original corporate events, incentive tours, team building and retreats for training. Preserving the historic value of their culture, Uzbekistan is trying to keep up with the modern world development. Business centers and hotels have comfortable meeting rooms, equipped with the necessary equipment. Transportation system, modern means of communication, fabulous restaurants with national color and European service also contributes to corporate tours at high levels.

You will find a true Asian hospitality and kindness, a kind of exoticism, an abundance of colors, bustling bazaars and colorful, theatrical performances and folkloric shows, belly dancing, cooking this famous Uzbek pilaf and Samarkand bread, tasting of rare wines, visits to craft workshops, where there is a unique opportunity to get in touch with the mysteries of manual carpet weaving, wood carving and metal, making the ancient silk paper, ceramics, swords and jewelry.

Labyrinths of narrow streets of old cities, domes and minarets of ancient mausoleums and ruins of ancient cities and fortresses, majestic mountains with beautiful valleys and rapid rivers, vast deserts and steppes friendly close-knit team will look for hidden treasures, walk trails adventurers - pirates and adventurers, have a picnic in the mountains, feel the time nomad, or mountaineers, the word translated into the reality of their romantic notions about the East.

Incentives in Uzbekistan - it's a great opportunity to encourage staff and team building through a combination of outdoor activities and new knowledge.

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