Welcome to Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan - the Heart of the Silk Road, the land of ancient cities - centers of ancient civilizations, unique architectural monuments, unique landscapes and natural beauty!

Together with our company «JOHON RAMZO TRAVEL» (Licence № 760-11  ) you can take a fascinating journey through the ancient land of Uzbekistan. With us, you can walk the roads of ancient nomads formidable conquerors - Alexander the Great and Amir Temur, the wandering Buddhist monks, brave adventurers - and the enterprising merchants of travel, to visit the legendary country of antiquity - Sogdiana, Bactria, Khorezm, see the city - "Pearls of the Orient "- Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Termez, enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity of archaeological settlements of ancient civilizations and ruins of castles, enjoy the magnificent masterpieces of medieval architecture.

Ladies and gentlemen! Our company allows the customer to make their own personal tour based on his desires and preferences. You can choose the most suitable route for you travel, and skilled specialists of our company to realize your desires and dreams into reality.

The diverse and rich program of travel, we offer, will leave you only the most pleasant and unforgettable experience and a desire to re-visit our hospitable land!

In addition, our company offers a full range of services for the most comfortable stay of tourists in Uzbekistan:

• Visa support;

• Accommodation in the hotels of Uzbekistan;

• Services of guides and interpreters on all routes;

• Comfortable transportation for trips and transfers (for groups and individual tourists).