Bozori Kord Hammam (ancient bath)

Complementing Bukhara bazaars were numerous baths, of which up to now continue to operate Hammomi Sarrofon, near the same currents dome Toki-Sarrofon and Hammomi Bozori-Kord, near the dome Toki-Telpak Furushon currents. These semi-underground buildings squeezed market among the buildings and barely rise above the street, his expressionless low domes and half-blind upstairs windows. And although ancient baths are now technically improved, they still retain their former architectural appearance.

Bukhara baths are of great historical and cultural interest as a typical civil engineering monuments of XVI century’s Bukhara. They do not preserve the rich decoration, so typical of the medieval baths in the East. In the engineering and technical terms baths were an undoubted achievement of the era.

The tradition of bathing in the bath in Bukhara quite ancient. Mention of this can be found at Narshahi, author of "Stories Narshahi", dating from X-th century. In the 60 years of XX-th century of the 18 ancient baths, mentioned in the book of O.Suhareva "Bukhara, XIX beginning of XX centuries", there were only three: two men (hammomi Sarrofon and hammomi Bozori cord) and one female (hammomi Kundzhak). Now, unfortunately, there are only two baths, one male and one female. The device of the bath-rooms with intricate labyrinths, with a gradual transition from a cool room in a hot and so on, creating a fabulous idea.

In the "Canon of Medicine" by Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) notes as the dignity of a good bath solid structure, moderate temperatures, bright light, good air, a spacious dressing room, decorated with beautiful paintings, pleasant water.

Today in Bukhara remained only two ancient baths, one female - Hammomi-Kundzhak and a men's room - Bozori Kord, near the dome Telpak Furushon (Dome of hats sellers).

Saunas are often confused with special facilities for ritual ablutions - they were in many parts of the city and were of two kinds: "tahorathona" - a place for ablutions incomplete, which, according to Sharia, must precede every prayer, and "guslhona" - rooms, divided into isolated booths where they could make a complete ablution. Last water-washing were to the whole body - from head to toe - and were required after sexual relations. These washings were made also at home, but in the “guslhona” during the cold season there was hot water, which ensured a high level of comfort for pampered residents of the capital. In “guslhona” all need to use them had been thrown over the head smock as washing up, they were considered unclean. Maintenance of the premises for washing was the duty of the parishioners themselves. Fuel for this or for each family brought a queue, or all the inhabitants of the quarter involved in purchasing it. Quarterly Community hired some of the poor inhabitants of the quarter, which served for washing the premises and the warmed water.

Old Bukhara bath "Bozori Kord Hammam" was built in the XIV century and still has not lost its unique traditions and healing properties. Visit the “hammam” will be the most memorable event of your journey to Bukhara! You will plunge into the world of ancient traditions and feel "real Bukhara". This world will take you far away from the souvenir shops, attractions, guides, tours and shows the real life Bukharians, the real everyday life, which is closely connected with a rich history of this city.

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Bathing: Visit hammam can be from 7.00 to 15.00, from Wednesday to Monday (closed Tuesday). You can stay in the steam room for as long as you want. After bathing, you can relax in the lounge and sip tea with other visitors.

Bath and Massage: After you make steam massage. And may you not be a surprise that during the massage assistant can sit or even stand up for you! This particular massage done in Bukhara!

Then you can sit in the lounge, drink tea with herbs, relax and chat with friends.

Bathing Deluxe and massage: Steam, deep cleansing with a traditional "Halta". After this, the first massage, the procedure is the same as in the service "bathing and massage." After the massage you can relax in the lounge. After 15-20 minutes - a relaxing massage. After a brief rest, you can posidets friends and drink tea with herbs.

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Incense: You can ask to light incense in the massage room to feel even more relaxed.

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Working hours: Wednesday - Monday from 7.00 to 15.00

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Evening time: by reservation only. If necessary, you can ask for a masseuse services.