Carpet Factory "Hudjum"

Being in Samarkand, visit the carpet factory "Hudjum", where for many years, by hand made famous Samarkand silk carpets.

Spinning carpet - work long and very tedious, it can last from six months to a year. The girls, who mostly work in this enterprise, in the month they were doing up to 40 rugs. Interestingly, the girls work on one or two of the machine, and if one of them falls ill, the work stops completely - there is nobody to replace, the handwriting is not the same. And they say that in order for the carpet came out beautiful and high quality girls should not quarrel in the process, and judging from the specimens exposed for sale to the nerves in the team's all right.

Pile height is less than 2 mm, and the carpets are very soft and extremely pleasant to the touch. For all its apparent fragility, silk carpets are very durable and long lasting. Their colors do not fade with time, threads are not wiped off, so that the products do not age, but rather with the age acquire nobility, polish and a certain charm.

The entire process of creating a carpet on the unwinding of cocoons and silk dyeing, cloth trim to the finished product is within the walls of the factory, all make for old technologies, and by hand. Even the paint used for the carpets are not synthetic, only natural, derived from extracts of oak, walnut peel, pomegranate peel, asparagus stalks. The only imported dye - indigo. In fact, many plants are needed to create dyes, such as madder, which creates all the shades of red scale, grow immediately in production. Thanks vegetable dyes contrasting tone patterns somewhat blurred and eventually form an overflow of silver or gold that is highly valued by experts.

In figure of silk carpets usually use the national composition and traditional Uzbek ornament. But at the "Hudjum" factory  you can order the carpet and in their own sketches.

In general, the company works exclusively "on demand", although the order silk carpet - not a cheap pleasure. But the demand is there - products are delivered throughout the Middle East. Prices for silk carpets rather moderate, although the handmade silk carpet  - a luxury not available to everyone. The final price of the product is made up of many conditions: the complexity of the figure, the density of the weave, size and speed of product performance.

Although if you still do not feel like a millionaire, you can choose an existing instance of simple, good thing the girls always have a ready-made products, and buy a silk carpet from "first hand", it's always good luck and good value for money.