Tashkent bazaars

Visiting the bazaars - the best way to learn the culture and life of the East, as well as to experience the whole flavor of the country. Bazaars is very bustle, noise and hubbub of the hottest trading between buyers and sellers. It is a fascinating process of bargaining and not receive the goods at reduced prices, and attracts visitors to the eastern markets. Markets of Uzbekistan - a reflection of the ancient traditions and customs of local people, a complex, dynamic process in which, as well as goods circulate knowledge, values, ideas and tastes.

Tashkent bazaar "Chorsu" - one of the largest and most popular in the capital of Uzbekistan. Under seven huge domes, tiled with colored glazed tiles, housed a pavilion which farmers (peasants) sell the fruits of their labors. And you can buy one for every taste: it is a variety of rice, beans, peas, various meats, dairy products, oriental sweets, spices striking in its diversity. Abundance of different nuts, orange apricots, prunes, raisins, dried melon - all you will be offered to taste tireless sellers. The bazaar fragrance smells different oriental spices, aromas of fruits and vegetables. Eyes run from a variety of products, laid out on the shelves. Under another dome exhibited elite fresh lamb and beef. Piled bags of rice, sugar crystals sparkle - "Nebat."

The area around the closed area under the light shelter traders gathered fruits and vegetables. As in any market, there are always lots of fresh herbs.

The feeling of freedom, benevolence, so characteristic of Oriental bazaar - all this you will see here!

As in the old days, Chorsu bazaar surrounded by artisan in which they are made and then sell jewelry and gold embroidered robes, embroidered “suzani” and Uzbek national knives - "pichok", wickerwork baskets and chased trays of various sizes and configurations, national musical instruments.

Alay bazaar - perhaps the most famous bazaar in Tashkent.

History Alai bazaar goes back to those days, when the territory of the land in Central Asia along the Silk road. Since ancient times, Tashkent and its surroundings were known good place to trade. Traded were spices, pottery, silk products, vegetables and fruits.

Where there is a trade, there is peace and quiet, there is no war. Alay bazaar has always been considered the most prestigious bazaar in Tashkent.

Currently in the market there are about 2,000 retail outlets for trade. Here is a great abundance of fruits and vegetables, pickles, spices, fragrant aroma, a great selection of meats, fresh fish, milk and dairy products, and a sea of ​​flowers.

On Alay bazaar you will always be served and carefully, and you will leave from the market in a good mood and good shopping.

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