Ayisha - the famous silk workshop

For more than 10 years working in Samarkand Textile workshop with a beautiful name "Aiesha", which is led by Valentina Romanenko - a designer, a graduate with many years of design, fashion for men and women of the upper and light clothing. Valentina was born in Russia, in a small town near Tambov, she studied fashion at the Kirov. Her fate could-have turned out differently if, to many years ago she came to Samarkand, an amazing place that she loved with all her heart.

When all was just beginning, nobody, just like the Valentina did not think that her fascination with the history of the Eastern costume, attempts to restore gain international recognition, will lead to the creation of the studio, surpassing the threshold of which you find yourself in another dimension, from the bustle of everyday life in the ancient East kingdom. Here and in bright colored panels of fabric and fabulous jewelry and bright scarves, shawls, headscarves, and much more! Silk, calico, linen, cotton, crepe de chine, wool or not an ounce of synthetic, only natural fabrics - that's one of the basic tenets of the workshop. And to follow this motto have to search for material for his work literally across the country and sometimes beyond. For example, the silk from the Fergana Valley, crepe de Chine from the old bazaars, very good quality fabrics imported from India. And all this is going bit by bit in the studio, and turned into beautiful things.

However, to homespun silk cloth began to play, revived, it needs to be painted. The process of dyeing is also difficult. Take only natural dyes: the roots of plants, flowers, dried berries, shells of green walnuts, onion peel. Each time the color of the silk is obtained other than intended, and sometimes the color is simply impossible to repeat a second time. Dyeing is also popular recipes, recreated according to old recipes. Over some of the costumes the artist works, painting the fabric with unique patterns.

Valentina herself, then the cutters table, where there is always a lot of sketches, then the mirror, conjuring over the next model, the dye where the fabric comes alive under her arm, finding a harmony of pure, kind and gentle colors. It can not be seen just sitting, and if so, it is likely that she just thought of a new suit, or even over some detail of her magical world.

Though of course you can not call this world is just her, because to date, the studio employs over 20 people, people who love what they do. This artist, sewing master embroiderers. You can see how the artist paints the silk, you can take a brush, try to draw something, you can learn the secrets of painting, take photographs, buy something for yourself.

There is also its own "Raisin" - a fabulous little show of Oriental dresses. "Holy City", "Bobur," "Hunter", "Dervish", "Wind", "Miniature", "Mulberry tree" - each suit its name, its music, its image, its own history. At 20 minutes, and lasts so much show, transported to a fairy tale, forgetting about everything and enjoy a wonderful sight.

About the workshop can be told for a long time: the history of creation, about the details of each trade, how the image will be born, and much more. Come and see.
Good people are always welcome!