Museum of History of Timurids

State Museum of Timurids was opened in Tashkent on October 18, 1996. The museum was built in the center of Tashkent to the 660th anniversary of Amir Temur.

The museum building is a synthesis of "Temurid" period and modern architectural styles. It has a round shape with a large ribbed dome, decorated with blue majolica. In the best traditions of oriental architecture of the dome from the inside is painted, decorated with exquisite carvings ganch and covered with a layer of gold leaf.

In the center of the main hall holds a copy of the famous holy book of Muslims - the Koran.

Greets visitors to the museum a large mural-miniature "Great Temur - the great creator," performed by a group of Uzbek artists in 1996. The picture reflects the life of Amir Temur from his birth till death. The image of falling stars, symbolizing the significance of his name "Amir Temur" - "born under a lucky star." Also in this section are such characters as the sacred Humo bird, symbolizing happiness and freedom, falcon bird, symbolizing the highest aspirations of the newborn infant.

In the second part of the mural shows the creative activity of the great ruler, the magnificent building: Ak-Saray Palace in Shakhrisabz and Bibi Khanum in Samarkand. And third, the final part of the panel - this is the last stage in the life of Amir Temur, his tomb - Gur-Emir mausoleum . Overall, the picture is accompanied by a traveling direction of their river, which unites all three of the panels. Tending the river represents the rhythm and flow of the great Amir Temur.

The museum's displays are of great historical value. It's jewelry, weapons, clothing, military leaders and warriors, musical instruments, astronomical instruments of Ulugbek and many other cultural treasures, dating back to the epoch of Timurids.

In the museum are also archaeological, ethnographic and numismatic materials. You can also look at their eyes are valuable historical documents such as letters of Amir Temur and his descendants with European monarchs, skilful miniature copies of paintings by Amir Timur, written by European masters of the time. The originals of these paintings are now in the National Library of France.

Professionally built museum that captures the spirit of the epoch of Timurids, has a wealth of information about the state, society and culture of the Middle Ages. The exhibits are organized into themes: "Culture and History of Literature in Uzbekistan," "Fortified town Shoxrux", "Our Heritage Abroad", "Amir Temur, Clavijo-Samarkand", "Episodes from the life of Amir Temur", "Amir Timur and the Timurids - through the eyes of artists "," The era of Amir Temur and his dynasty from the perspective of researchers and writers. "

Gold, silver and bronze utensils, household items, jewelry, ceramics are another confirmation of the fact that Amir Temur was not only a great statesman, and patron of science, crafts, spirituality and enlightenment. Very valuable are the silver and copper coins, which displays the emblem of Amir Temur and struck the names of representatives of the Timurid dynasty.

Unique museum exhibits were shown at international exhibitions held in France, USA, Germany and Austria. With the founding of a museum visited by more than 1.5 million people.