Restaurants in Samarkand

Restaurant “Samarqand”

Here you will dip into unforgettable atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Samarqand restaurant is located in the center of Samarkand city and offers its guests the best dishes of Uzbek, European and Russian cuisines.


The menu of Samarqand restaurant is an abundance of various dishes, snacks and drinks. Our chief- cook, who is the master of his art, knows how to create delightful dishes. 

Live music performed by genuine virtuosos, will add a special chic to any occasion. Our musical group has a large repertoire of songs. Various show programs are organized by request. Service at Samarqand restaurant is organized on high levels. All the service processes are completely automated which allows us to speed up and improve its quality considerably.

Big hall

The magnificent interior of the Big hall is faultless. Light and spacious Big hall is perfectly decorated, the elements of natural wood underline the elegance and refinement of design.


There are 12 individual comfortable cabins with the capacity from 6 to 16 persons. Equipped with convenient cozy furniture and unique decoration they are designed to let you pass a pleasant time among your friends.

“Slavyanka hall”

On entering the "Slavyanka hall" the everyday vanity disappears and you get into the atmosphere of a hospitable Russian house. In the cozy hall decorated in Russian traditional style, you will be welcomed by the personnel dressed in national Russian costumes, tailored by ancient sketches. In the evenings one can enjoy charming sounds of saxophone and grand piano.


On warm days one can have a pleasant rest in our green fresh courtyard. Excellent decoration of the courtyard in national style supplements a fountain with a statue and decorative plants.

Samarqand restaurant is an ideal place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other festive occasion.

Restaurant “Almaz Plaza”

«Almaz Plaza» - already from the name of this restaurant blows as something refined and found. 

The muffled colors, frescos on walls and author's fixtures create sensation of unknown tranquility and comfort. It repeatedly amplifies a tremendous kind through high windows. The restaurant against which eternally hastening cars and pedestrians are constantly carried by, install absolute calmness. Here it is always cozy.

The menu impresses with the refinement. Here you can try the diversified dishes which have already become by classics.

The restaurant «Almaz Plaza» located in city centre of Samarkand is noted by a refined interior and a high degree of service.

The exclusive restaurant «Almaz Plaza» will allow you to take pleasure in the cozy and refined atmosphere in refined cuisine dishes. You will be pleasantly surprised by the new menu, with weekly special offers from ours the chief of the cook.

«Almaz Plaza» is ideally suited for business meetings, weddings, corporate parties and romantic suppers at candles.

"Paradise Land", Art-Show Club

The best dance show in Samarkand!

Restaurant "Paradise Land, Art-Show Club" was established in 2001, and is located in center of Samarkand. Restaurant is very popular for family gatherings, meetings with friends and colleagues.

Several spacious, comfortable rooms accommodate up to 120 guests; also has special VIP rooms on the second floor, with magnificent views and equipment for holding presentations.

Restaurant offer special rates for tourist groups, corporate parties, family holidays and banquets.

The cuisine of "Paradise Land, Art-Show Club" deserves mention. Traditional Eastern dishes are prepared in a "celebratory" manner. Our chefs are ready to offer you sumptuous dishes of Asian and European cuisine which will not soon be forgotten. Certainly, wine plays an important part in any great dining experience. Restaurant is proud to serve wines from the "BAGIZAGAN" winery: "Bagizagan", "Rkacitelli", "Emmanuelle", "Esmeralda", and "Muscat". The lush and unforgettable taste of "Aleatiko", "Qora Marvarid " and " 1001 night ", "Omar Khayyam" and "Mona Lisa " will stir your soul. Truly a magnificent, exotic, Eastern bouquet!

Take pleasure in the unique sensation of a hookah in this restaurant, with an assortment of various fruit-flavored tobaccos.

Also, restaurant has Dance group, which perform Uzbek, Indian, Iranian, Arabian, Russian and Spanish dancing for your entertainment. Musicians will play for your favorite Uzbek, Oriental and European songs.

Comfortable simplicity and southern warmth, a joyous atmosphere and tasteful restraint are combined in the restaurant most naturally.

Paradise Land, Art-Show Club is open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

Restaurant “Kishlak”

As is known, the ancient city of Samarkand is considered a priceless treasury of the Orient culture. Till nowadays in Samarkand preserved amazing beauty, unique monuments of medieval architecture. But during walks through this city, it is not impossible to draw attention to the "Kishlak". Not to the village (in Uzbek “kishlak” means "village"), but to the restaurant.

"Kishlak" is a huge restaurant, which affects not so much its size as the atmosphere, which it soars. Here you can spend your time and appreciate the variety of dishes.

Resting at the restaurant “Kishlak”, you will not only taste delicious dishes of this Uzbek cuisine, prepared by a chef-cook, but also plunge into the sea of east hospitality and generosity. Choose from a wide selection of appetizers, salads, a variety of dishes from meat.

Restaurant "Sangizar"

Located in a park in the modern part of the city, in the center arranged original fountain, and the edges are splashing artificial waterfalls. And all of this is buried in verdure of trees. Complex of "Sangizar" restaurant consists of the open-air area for 600 persons, restaurant, banquet hall for 600 persons, VIP-Hall for 30 persons and bar-restaurant with show performance for 300 persons.

The Bar of "Sangizar" Restaurant offers you a wide variety of strong and soft drinks, juices, as well as large quantity of diverse cocktails.

In the Banquet hall of the "Sangizar" restaurant provide a warm setting, great design and quality service for banquets, receptions, weddings and other celebrations.

The design of the VIP hall satisfies the recent trends of interior decoration. It is the perfect place to hold the moderate banquet in cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The VIP-Hall meets all the requirements of comfortable and aesthetically beautiful enjoyment of decor. The VIP-Hall is noted for its classic table appointments, professional service, and great care to the client. By request of a client it is possible to give to the strip-tease dance, hookah with a broad assortment of fragrances in the VIP-Hall.


Cuisine of "Sangizar" Restaurant has a wide variety of National, European and World dishes. National cuisine has a traditional character, but the preparation technique and the serving up methods worked out by the "Sangizar" Restaurant cook group. For instance, such dishes as "Crown" – baked mutton riffling; "Kavob" – mutton in own juice; "Djiz Biz" – mutton in deep fat, "Yakhna" – mutton on steam, "Lyulya Kavob" – minced beef, stewed in tomato sauce.

Entertainment program

In order that evening would succeeded, need good music and interesting show program. In "Sangizar" always live music, you can order your favorite song. Dance group of “Sangizar” restaurant will delight you with a unique dance performance, both classical and modern, and of course the national oriental dance from which you cannot look away.

Restaurant "Staraya Arba" (Old Arba)

Restaurant "Old Arba" is located in the European part of the city, a stone's throw from the University Boulevard, near Alexis cathedral and the hotel "Arba". When creating this restaurant had taken into account all the necessary conditions: summer - invigorating coolness in summer patio in winter - comfort and warmth.

Restaurant occupies large territory and includes 2 common halls and several rooms for private gatherings. Therefore it is the perfect place for lunches and dinners even for large groups up to 250 people. 

Also the restaurant Old Arba has small cozy rooms with topchans (trestle beds) and aquariums with fishes. The interior of the restaurant is made in national style. Here you can taste delicious national and European dishes.

If you want to enjoy a romantic evening in ancient Samarkand, then you will certainly enjoy this restaurant, decorated in a traditional style. Here cozy soft atmosphere and friendly staff.

For lovers of oriental exotic - VIP room. This is a room where you can invite your friends and where you will not be disturbed.

Cooks of the restaurant prepare only for gourmets - dozens of salads and hot food items, including the signature dish - "Bedona" (stuffed quails).

Art Café "Dastarkhan"

Dastarkhan in Central Asia and some countries in the East means decorated table with a feast of sweets, sherbets, fruit and other foods.

In the Art Cafe "Dastarkhan" you can appreciate the traditional Oriental cuisine. Restaurant’s menu will not leave indifferent even the most experienced gourmets and food lovers. All dishes are prepared exclusively from fresh and natural products.

The unique interior Art Cafe "Dastarkhan" to the sound of chants and dances of Eastern oriental beauties, the meal will become a real ceremony, filled with not only taste, but also sense!

The creators of the restaurant tried to recreate the unique look fabulous east, which is described by the classics in literature, is presented in the paintings and works of cinema.

The restaurant has a specially equipped children room.