Kukeldash Madrassah

Kukeldash madrasah is situated on a hill in the Chorsu square. Madrasa is considered the creator of vizier of Tashkent khans Kukeldash ("foster brother of Khan"). Madrasah traditional composition: an extensive courtyard, surrounded by monastic cells - "hudjras" with training hall – “darskhana” and a mosque in the corner.

At the end of the XVIII century madrassa used as a caravanserai, in the XIX century served as a fortress of Kokand khans, as well as a place of punishment (from the top parapet thrown convicted of infidelity of wives).

Kukeldash madrasah - one of the largest extant madrasas XVI century in Central Asia, with a developed plan that uses the typical techniques of his time. Madrasah was built of baked bricks. The portal of the facade remains of the decor of tiled - glazed bricks and majolica.

As a monument to a great historical and architectural value, Kukeldash madrassa, in spite of an emergency condition has been saved and restored.