Zangi Ota Mausoleum

Zangi Ota mausoleum is located in Zangi Ota village near Tashkent. The monument is of great historical and artistic value.

The ensemble appeared on the burial place of Sheikh Ai-Hodge, nicknamed Zangi Ota, who lived at the end of the XII - XIII in the first half. He was the fifth murid of Sufi Hodja Ahmad Yasawi, who was considered the spiritual leader of all Turkic tribes of Central Asia.

According to legend, the beginning of the complex was laid by Amir Timur, who built mausoleums popular saint Zangi Ota and his wife Ambar Bibi. The complex consists of three areas: an extensive garden, a complex of buildings XIV-XIX centuries, which includes a mosque, madrasah, minaret and the mausoleum of Ambar-bibi.

In the south-west side of complex is located a mosque. It is built Zangiata kazi (chief judge) in 1870 along the perimeter of the courtyard of the mosque is built up cells – “hudjras”. In the courtyard are two entrances, decorated portal-dome facilities "darvazakhana".

Front of the mosque in 1914-15 was erected the original minaret. Go to the historical complex in the south adjoins the old cemetery.